Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Christmas around the World

I am soo excited for this week! I know it's the week before Christmas break and the kids are excited but with our elves bringing us a kindness letter from Santa every day, doing a fun project everyday I am keeping them busy!

After we travel to each place we fill out our classroom passport on how they celebrate in each country!

To start off our week of Christmas around the world, we traveled to Mexico in our pretend airplane and I read the book: La Leyenda de la Flor de Nochebuena (The Legend of the Pointsettia).
Then we made beautiful paper poinsettia flowers using crazy or magic coloring where they can color all over the page (so they are coloring faster and not wasting time coloring!)

We traveled to Africa and read: Seven Candles for Kwanzaa.
Then we made the mkeka's or straw placemats. I did it guided and being in kindergarten a few struggled with it. They had to fold the paper in half and then cut up to the line from the folded side. Then, they had to weave the red and then green paper over and under, over and under. Each paper had to follow the opposite pattern.

Tomorrow we will be traveling to Israel to Celebrate Hanukkah. I'll keep you posted!

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